Benvolio has always enjoyed working with computers, and prefers attempting to edit games to playing ready made ones. He has become a prominent Commander Keen modder. He is a contributor to the Commander Keen modding forum. He discovered Commander Keen late in 2000, on the cover 5 1/4" disk of a PC magazine from 1990. The disk described the game (Keen1 version 1.0), quite rightly, as "fabulous, fully playable". As soon as Benvolio had the game completed (and knew every inch of every level like the back of his hand), he began to dream of editing its levels and graphics.

You can imagine his sheer glee when, having researched the topic online, he discovered Andrew Durdin's Keenwright. The year was 2001, and the editor had only been made a few months earlier. Benvolio started working on a level pack, having been impressed by levels like Xky Rauh's ice factory. He created around a dozen levels for Keen1.

Benvolio's was absolutely delighted to discover Andrew Durdin's Modkeen, in spring 2003. He started working on Vanished to Venus, adapting his level pack to his graphics. Benvolio worked from then until summer 2004 on the Revenge of The Shikadi trilogy. During the summer he made Bunny Basher.

At the end of the summer he joined the Keen:Modding forum and shocked everyone by releasing three mods simultaneously. With these mods, he launched this site – Benvolio's Workbench. Bunny Basher's release followed shortly. By this time - autimn 2004 - Benvolio had commenced work on Thwarting Mort.

Then, at the start of December he received an e-mail from Levellord, proposing the creation of a joint Christmas mod. This mod didn't meet its deadline of 25th December, and was released 0n 1 January 2005. Very soon afterwards Thwarting Mort was released.

Ilsoap organised a one-level mod ‘event’, with a deadline of 14 March 2005. Benvolio submitted a Keen4 mod to this event, called Torgopolis. In effect, this is the earliest Galaxy mod release to contain all-new graphics within a level. In 2005, Benvolio commenced a number of modding projects. Amidst exam pressure, Benvolio managed to create Musical Keen. Then he proudly unleashed A Sham on Inishmort. In autumn 2005 he collaborated with Levellord again on a mod. The result was Halloween Horrors.

Benvolio can speak Irish and is proud of it. As a consequence, Bunny Basher 2 is all in Irish - every word was painstakingly translated and accents were painstakingly applied.

After the start of 2006, Benvolio's rate of work on modding has decreased but he has remained very interested in it and has remained quite active in the online Keen communities. He released a "Fun Pack" of abandoned mods in 2011. Then, after a spell living in the Netherlands, he was inspired to make Gestrand Op De Rode Planeet in Dutch. Now in 2020, in the space of less than two months, a new project called The Earth Implodes has taken shape during unprecedented "lockdown" circumstances.

Benvolio comes from Ireland but currently resides in the United Kingdom. When he isn't slaving over his PC creating mods, Benvolio's activities over the years have included listening to music, playing the violin, reading, playing tennis and outdoor walks. (The inspiration for Bunny Basher came from walks in the north-west of Ireland.) In all reality though, nowadays he spends most of his time working.



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