2020's "COVID" lockdown brings with it some new found free time for many. Benvolio has applied this free time to the creation of a Keen1 mod called "The Earth Implodes". Following a traditional Keen style narrative, it involves a plot by Mortimer McMire - Keen's arch-nemesis - to assemble unprecedented nuclear weapons by combining abandoned technology from the old USSR, with the nuclear physics acumen of alien races across the galaxy.

Like Benvolio's last mod, this is quite a difficult one. However this time it's not because of awkward pogo jumps and aggressively placed fires, but rather because of enraged sentries, crazed robots and decrepit, nihilistic wraiths which lurk in the bunkers and caves of abandoned Soviet towns.

Please note that a new version - version 1.1 - has been released following comments about an excessive level of difficulty from players. A few minor errors in the game have also been amended.


The title screen shows spacecraft flying near Earth.

The awe-inspiring title screen, written in the Standard Galactic Alphabet.

Keen avoids coming in contact with noxious nuclear waste.

Keen avoids coming in contact with noxious nuclear waste.

Keen stands near a sentry, a missile and an old computer.

Discover abandoned missiles and obscure Soviet computing technology, now guarded by sinister sentries.

Keen stands on barrels surrounded by robots.

Dangerous situations are frequent, and enemies are ruthless.

Keen descends steps to a guarded area.

Whilst dodging the enemy raygun shots, Keen collects battery charge for his own raygun.

Download The Earth Implodes as a zip file of 168kb.



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