These are Benvolio's Mods of the popular game, Commander Keen. A mod is a completely new game made, using the engine of Commander Keen, but with all new text, levels, properties and enemies. Benvolio's mods are made with the games Keen1, Keen2 and Keen4. Keen1 and Keen4 are freely distributable.

Note: Keen2 is not freely distributable, so you can only play the third mod if you have purchased Keen2. See below for a link to where you can purchase Keen2 and the other non-shareware Commander Keen games.

Vanished To Venus

About Vanished to Venus

or Download Venus as a zip file of 157kb.

Stopping The Skypest

About Stopping The Skypest

or Download Skypest as a zip file of 187kb.

Exiting Epsilon

About Exiting Epsilon

or Download Epsilon as a zip file of 117kb. The zip does not contain Keen2.exe. You must provide the executable of Keen2 to play this game.

Thwarting Mort

About Thwarting Mort

or Download Thwarting Mort as a zip file of 175kb.

Bunny Basher

About Bunny Basher

or Download Bunny Basher as a zip file of 155kb.

Christmas Special

About The Christmas Special

or Download Christmas Special as a zip file of 182kb.


About Torgopolis

or Download Torgopolis as a zip file of 725kb.

Musical Keen

About Musical Keen

or Download Musical Keen as a zip file of 160kb.

A Sham On Inishmort

About A Sham On Inishmort

or Download A Sham On Inishmort as a zip file of 175kb.

Halloween Horrors

About Halloween Horrors

or Download Halloween Horrors as a zip file of 184kb.

Bunny Basher 2

About Bunny Basher 2

or Download Bunny Basher 2 as a zip file of 172kb.



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