Commander Keen-related Sites
The Commander Keen Modding Forum, with excellent discussions of all modding-related issues. It's a quiet little corner of the web but remains a reliable spot for discussion of modding Commander Keen. Beginners can ask questions and get pointed in the right direction. Modders who want specific alterations made to the game engine can post a patch request - some excellent people still strive to make the requests a reailty. To participate you must join the forum - for free.
The Public Commander Keen Forum (PCKF) remains the dominant location for discourse regarding Keen and has a lively, welcoming community. These days it is a must to be involved in PCKF to fully participate in the Keen community and to get exposure for one's work. Also free to join.
The Keen Wiki is another essential place to go to find out about Keen and its mods. In effect it is the dominant Keen fansite, though is a fully editable wiki with a very similar appearance and functionality to Wikipedia.
For old time's sake, here's a link to Cerebral Cortex 314, once the go-to Keen fan site. It's no longer active... but we're lucky it's been preserved for our enjoyment at the above link.
The home page of ID Software, who made Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, Quake and Doom. You will have to look elsewhere if it's Commander Keen you're looking for. But as originators of the Keen games, they deserve a link.



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