Commander Keen is an eight-year old genius with an IQ of 314. His arch enemy, Mortimer McMire, has an IQ of 315. Mortimer is evil and has created several plots to destroy Earth, the Galaxy, the Universe and Keen himself. So far, Keen has foiled them all, with help from his pet Yorp, Norp, which he took home from an adventure on Mars. Most mods that have been made of Keen concern further confrontations with Mortimer's plans. With the exception of Bunny Basher and the Christmas Mod, all the mods on this site concern such plots by Mortimer.

The Commander Keen games that were used were made by ID Software in 1991 and distributed by Apogee Software (Later 3dRealms). The series contained 7 PC games as well as a Game Boy Color Game. More recently, a release also has occured for mobile telephones. The PC games are now available on Steam. The one exception to this is Keen6, which is out of print, and thus not legally available for purchase unless an original hard copy is found, generally fetching a high price on a site such as ebay.

An image of Commander Keen adapted from the title screen of Torgopolis.

Commander Keen in a typically aggressive pose, with his neural stunner.



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